IPP Pooling first to receive two-star European Lean & Green Award

[Press release] IPP Pooling, member of Faber Group, is the first European organization to receive a two-star European Lean & Green Award.

2nd Star Lean & Green International


IPP made use of the ‘lateral entry’ option within the program, showing benchmark emission KPI’s combined with the required data quality and reduction projects to meet the standards for this rating. Lean & Green is the leading European program for sustainable logistics and stimulates organizations to reduce their environmental footprint by optimizing their logistics organization driving both cost savings and efficiency at the same time.


Eric Schrover, CEO IPP Pooling: “We are delighted to receive this recognition for our operation teams who have worked hard to make an impact on our footprint reduction. Within IPP and our parent company Faber Group, we’ve set ourselves challenging sustainability goals which focus on both reducing our footprint and  partnerships – as we want to support our customers throughout their supply chain to become more sustainable by using our circular pallet pooling solutions. As the logistic operations we undertake with our hauliers and depots to transport, sort and repair our pallets account for the majority of the carbon footprint, it goes without saying that we put first focus on reducing this, for which Lean & Green provides the perfect program.”


2nd Star Lean & Green International

Mark Hulland, European Pooling Director of IPP leads the Lean & Green footprint reduction program, together with his operation colleagues across Europe: “We treat reducing kilometres and increasing load size as core principles of our business model – it is in our DNA. By enrolling into Lean & Green we can now better pinpoint our performance today and challenge how can we improve it. We identified inefficient relocations and inefficient loading patterns

and focus on our collections by balancing the impact of loss of our pallets against environmental impact of transport. The two star European Lean & Green recognition is a true motivator for us to achieve more reduction – next steps for IPP will investigate the viability of alternative fuels, both in a physical capacity and in a financially sustainable manner.”


Dirk van der Lee, Program manager Lean & Green Europe: “From the start IPP Pooling has shown commitment to take the necessary steps to comply with the requirements of the program. More specifically, they have been able to make enormous progress on their data through collaboration with their logistical partners. Becoming the first company to achieve the 2nd Star on European level is a great achievement and well deserved.”


About IPP Pooling

IPP is a pallet pooler – a vital part of demanding and fast-moving supply chains. IPP operates a circular re-use system for high quality pallets and boxes across Europe. IPP is member of Faber Group, a leading European family company in circular load carrier services.

IPP works extensively with well-known brands, producers and retailers, delivering the right quantity & quality at the right place and time, always putting the customer first. We carry impact. For more info visit: www.ipp-pooling.com