25 Jan 2023

webinar: How to start your CO2 Action Plan with Lean & Green

Are you a shipper or carrier looking to improve your carbon emissions? Learn about the Lean & Green International program and how to get started with your CO2 Action Plan.


Wednesday 9:30 - 10:00 am Free online introduction webinar

Start your Plan

  • A growing number of multinationals and other companies realize carbon accounting in logistics is rapidly becoming the new standard and in the near future will be mandatory.
  • Lean & green provides companies with verified recognition for achieving their CO2-reduction targets in logistics.
  • Participants follow the 5 Star Framework by drafting a ‘CO2 Action Plan’ and annual measuring and monitoring of the carbon emissions.
  • Join the webinar for more information and ask the questions you may have.

Webinar 25-jan

Online introduction CO2 Action Plan

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