Lean & Green International – what, how, who?

Our planet is warming up. That is a well-known fact. That we need to act now is also well known. The how still seems to be somewhat of a puzzle to many companies. Lean & Green is now scaling up internationally to help logistical companies to strategically decrease their CO2 emissions. Find out how Lean & Green International does this, why we do it and who we are in this article.

More and more governments are adopting strategies trying to combat global warming. Since the logistics sector is contributing largely to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide every year, it is also a sector that is forced to significantly lower these emissions as quickly as possible.  In the EU, regulations, carbon reporting and carbon pricing are put into place such as the Fit for 55, ISO norms and impending introduction of the CSRD. Soon companies will have to report on their scope 1, 2 and even scope 3 emissions. Also, in the US we see commitment towards emission reduction as part of the Inflation Reduction Act for Transport & Logistics. These regulations and laws are increasing the pressure on all companies with logistical activities. The goal is clear, but the route to reach the goal is not for many companies. Lean & Green International supports companies in creating that roadmap towards net-zero in logistics.


What is Lean & Green?

The well-established national Lean & Green program, originally founded in the Netherlands in 2008, is now scaling up internationally to help companies with international outbound logistics to reduce their carbon footprint and optimise their activities. Lean & Green is a CO2 reduction and recognition program for shippers and logistics service providers. The program provides companies with verified recognition for achieving CO2-reduction targets in their logistical operation. Participating companies draft their own CO2 Action Plan. The plan is based on an ISO 14083 compliant 5 Star Framework; with annual monitoring of CO2 emissions per shipped volume (e.g., CO2.ton) and projects for improvement measures. Thereby, the program guides companies through continuous optimisation of their logistical activities to minimize their carbon footprint to the absolute minimum.


Why Lean & Green?

  1. Insight: At Lean & Green we live by the motto measuring = knowing = improving. The annual monitoring of carbon emissions leads to a better understanding on how a company is currently operating and how CO2 can be reduced. Through our 550+ participants we have seen evidence that being lean goes hand in hand with being green in logistics.
  2. Community: The Lean & Green International program operates nationally in 16 countries with more than 550 participants. These participants build the community of Lean & Green, where openness and willingness to share experiences and best practices are shared key values.
  3. Recognition: Every Star certification symbolizes an achieved carbon reduction target. This gets verified by an external accountant and celebrated by the community. Together we strive towards accelerating sustainable logistics.


Measuring = knowing = improving


Who are we?

Dirk van der Lee

I am Dirk van der Lee, as program director of Lean & Green International and the Netherlands I happily take it as my responsibility to set out the strategy and further development of the program. With an ambition to expand the international community of participants and partners my team and I work together with our National Partners to share knowledge and support companies in measuring and reducing their emissions.

The current transition towards a sustainable economy brings both challenges and opportunities for logistics. It inspires me to support companies in taking steps towards accelerating this transition. This involves collaboration and innovation but also measuring and analysing for verifiable results. Lean & Green perfectly combines the entrepreneurial element of optimisation with sustainable solutions and accountability.’


Jenny Schlatter


‘My name is Jenny, and I am a project manager at Lean & Green International. I support companies through all stages of the process of the program: Starting with the onboarding and becoming a participant, all the way to officially handing out the certificate of the reached star level. I am also in charge of organizing our international events and writing articles for our website.

What I love about Lean & Green is the hands-on approach of the program that breaks down the reduction goals into smaller and achievable targets. Using data companies often already have and looking at it through a different pair of glasses can tell you a lot about how your company is doing and where you can optimise – efficiency and CO2 wise. The logistics sector is extremely important these days, but so is our planets health. I am glad that I can contribute to both through my work at Lean & Green together with a team of like-minded (&fun) people.’


Marjolein Hijl


‘I am Marjolein, and I plan and arrange the Lean and Green meetings for the steering committee and the national hosts.

I like to do work that has a positive contribution on our environment. Lean and Green International makes a positive impact on awareness and reduction of CO2 emissions, so that’s a great place to work with some nice colleagues!’




Miranda Kleine


‘My name is Miranda and I am the communications manager of Lean & Green Netherlands and Lean & Green International. I work a lot with Jenny and Dirk who provide me with all the information I need to start creating. I create different types of content: articles for the website, videos, social media posts and newsletters. I also keep myself busy with the various events we organize for both Lean & Green Netherlands and Lean & Green International.

What inspires me about Lean & Green is that, by working together, we can improve logistics and thereby make the world a better place. Every day I learn new things and meet inspiring people. And that is why I am very happy with my current position. Because as a communications manager, it’s my job to spread our passion and motivation to the world. And hopefully inspire you in the process.’




Accelerate sustainable logistics with us.