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Lean & Green National Partners

National Partners

The National Partners for Lean & Green International

A national program in 15 countries

The Lean & Green program is already available in 15 countries and more countries are joining.

A global program for multinationals

The Lean & Green program is also available for multinationals who seek recognition on a European or even a global scale.


  • European or global scope.
  • In line with ISO 14083 standard.
  • Scope 3 CO2-reporting for CSRD.

Name of our Lean & Green Partner

Country or region

Below you will find the current National Partners for all Lean & Green national programs in alphabetical order.

Lean & Green National Partners

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Austria is represented by Nikolaus Hartig.

Lean & Green Austria

Partner: ViL

BELGIUM - Flanders

Our National Partner in Flanders is represented by Eddy Hagen.

Lean & Green Belgium Flanders

Partner: Logistics in Wallonia

BELGIUM - Wallonia

Our National Partner in Wallonia is represented by Coraline Lefèvre.

Lean & Green Belgium Wallonia

Partner: CargoM


Our National Partner in Canada is represented by Amy Lombard.

Lean & Green Canada

Partner: ECR


Our National Partner in Czech Republic is represented by Tomás Martoch.

Lean & Green Czech Republic

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Germany is represented by Mark Zeller.

Lean & Green Germany

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Ireland is represented by Alec Tubridy.

Lean & Green Ireland

Partner: Freight Leaders Council


Our National Partner in Italy is represented by Massimo Marciani.

Lean & Green Italy

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Hungary is represented by Katalin Kecskés.

Lean & Green Hungary

Partner: Cluster for Logistics


Our National Partner in Luxembourg is represented by Philippe Scholten.

Lean & Green Luxembourg

Partner: Connekt


Our National Partner in Netherlands is represented by Dirk van der Lee.

Lean & Green Netherlands

Partner: ECR


Our National Partner in Poland is represented by Mateusz Boruta.

Lean & Green Poland

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Portugal is represented by Adriana Tomás

Lean & Green Portugal

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Romania is represented by Dragos Neacsu.


Partner: AECOC


Our National Partner in Spain is represented by Bárbara Ferrer.

Lean & Green Spain



We are currently carrying out a pilot project in Sweden. Are you a transport buyer or LSP in Sweden wanting to measure and reduce your carbon footprint?

Partner: GS1


Our National Partner in Switzerland is represented by Jan Eberle.

Lean & Green Switzerland

What if...

Your country is not on this list?

Not a problem!

Lean & Green International will gladly help you with national recognition for any country with no National Partner (yet).


Lean & Green Europe