Amsterdam, November 29


International Summit ’23

Thank you for joining us!

We hope you were inspired with new knowledge, thoughts and ideas. On this page you will find all the presentations and break-out sessions to prepare you for the future of logistics. Special thanks to TopSector Logistics, Renault Trucks Netherlands, IPP Pooling, Einride, VARO Energy, BigMile and Rietveld.


The sessions


Plenary opening

The Summit began with the plenary opening. After the introduction of Adam Fields, the chairman of the day, we spoke with Jerome Berthelet (Managing Director of Renault Trucks Netherlands) about the theme of the day: ‘Loading the future…’ and electric vehicles. Following this, Program Manager Dirk van der Lee presented the updates on the Lean & Green International program. After a third Star presentation to E. van Wijk Logistics, together with Dragos Neascu (CEO GS1 Romania), the talk show started in cooperation with our partners. Different topics were discussed: digitalization and energy transition.


Hydrogen Truck Initiative

Coop is one of the founding members of the hydrogen truck initiative in Switzerland. The initiative created an ecosystem that enabled the successful introduction of hydrogen trucks in Switzerland. It is noteworthy that all required investments were born by the companies themselves and that no direct government funding or other public money was used to enable this project. It serves as a prime example of what can achieved when different market players and competitors work together towards a common goal and create synergies.


Energy and decarbonization solutions for logistics and road transport

VARO Energy is partner of choice for customers in the energy transition by providing the sustainable and reliable energy solutions that they need to decarbonise, with locations in Switzerland (HQ), Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, providing energy with partners in other countries. Engine 1 includes manufacturing, storage, distribution, marketing, and trading of conventional energies. Engine 2 activities are focused on sustainable energies and include biofuels, biogas, green hydrogen, e-mobility, and nature-based carbon removals.


CO2 insightful, and now improve!

Understanding CO2 per shipment through carbon footprinting is becoming more common in the sector. The Topsector Logistics helps the sector to reduce emissions and increase logistics efficiency. A demo of the following topics is given based on practical cases:

  1. Are my emissions per shipment good compared to similar fellow companies? Check it with the Transport Performance Database.
  2. What causes high CO2 per shipment? Detailed insight into utilization of scarce time and capacity makes the causes clear.


Video telematics

During the Lean & Green Summit 2023, Dietger Engel informed you in detail about the possibilities and practical examples. Here he used a customer case study that saves as much as 9 million euros in costs per year and thus significantly reduces their carbon footprint.


A cooperative solution for a lean supply chain

Even in a progressively digitized world, delivery note processes are still characterized by manual and paper-based procedures. Cloud4Log shows how things can be different. A community solution of GS1 Germany and Bundesvereinigung Logistik for the digital delivery note. During the presentation, you will experience the functionalities of the service live using a demo, gain insight into the practical implementation and learn how cooperation approaches can generate benefits for users.


Sustainability and carbon reporting at De Rijke Group

In recent years, De Rijke Group has developed and pursued an increasingly sustainable strategy to reduce its CO2 emissions. Recently the logistics service provider earned their first Lean & Green Star and the second is well underway. With focus on the upcoming CSRD demands, it will become more important to formulate clear goals and initiatives that can be monitored. In this session Martijn Scheffers, Group Project & Sustainability Manager, elaborates on De Rijke’s sustainability strategy and explains how the company realizes impact together with their customers and logistic partners. Join this session and find out how software vendor BigMile supports De Rijke in this journey.


Integration of Lean & Green

In this session, IPP Pooling will took you through their sustainable story. IPP is a vital part of the demanding and fast-moving supply chain. After watching the break-outs session you will know everything about the integration from IPP Pooling of Lean & Green into Sales and Operational planning process leading to optimized forecast & planning to reduce their footprint. By following the Lean & Green standard in their Sales & Operations process IPP Pooling is able to collaborate and share knowledge and achieve a total reduction as supply chain, rather than local reduction initiatives.


Electric freight capacity as a service. Main hurdles and how to overcome them.

Einride is a organization at the forefront of revolutionizing the transportation industry. Founded with a vision to transform the way goods are moved, Einride is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. As a pioneering force in the realm of autonomous and electric transport solutions, the organization is dedicated to creating a smarter and more efficient future for logistics.

At the heart of Einride’s mission is the development and deployment of autonomous electric vehicles, designed to navigate the complexities of modern supply chains with unprecedented precision and efficiency. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Einride’s vehicles can operate autonomously, reducing the reliance on traditional human-driven transport and minimizing the environmental impact associated with conventional freight systems.

Thank you to all the companies participating on the Network & Innovation Zone: