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Lean & Green and Elain

National Partners

Now open for participation

Available to all shipper, retailers, transport buyers or Logistics Service Providers in Sweden and Northern Europe looking to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.


CO2 per transported unit

CO2 Action Plan and annual monitoring.


Projects and measures

Decarbonize, optimize and collaborate.


Audit on result

Achieved reduction targets are verified.

Start your Lean & Green Action Plan an use Elain for accurate data

The Pilot project: step by step

  • Online webinar Carbon Footprinting in Logistics
  • Round table session(s) with front running companies interested in pilot
  • The Pilot
    Elain will provide you with their tool to improve your data quality by making primary data collection easy.
    Lean & Green International
    will guide you through the Action Plan, towards recognition for your achievements in carbon reductions.
  • Sessions
    • Kick-off Pilot Project to start your Action Plan
    • Scope: transported volume
    • Elain: data from the source
    • Data analysis: carbon Footprint
    • Measures: Reduction projects
    • Verification: Review and Audit results
  • National Program: This pilot will also be part of launching Lean & Green Sweden



Firstly to make the first group of companies in Sweden familiar with the Lean & Green program and support them in the completion of the Lean & Green Action plan and potential Star(s). As ambassadors to the program they together could form the start of a community for sustainable logistics in Sweden, sharing their knowledge and experience.

Secondly to familiarize companies with the innovative solution of Elain, utilizing data directly from the source to analyse and report emissions.

And also to start the Lean & Green program in Sweden with local collaboration. The pilot provides a potential National Partner for Lean & Green (to be decided) the best start possible by the experience gained through the pilot and the first potential participants by the end of the pilot project.

What can you expect?

  • Lean & Green International will guide you through measuring your carbon footprint, giving recognition for your past achievements in carbon reductions.
  • Elain will provide you with thier tool to improve your data quality by making primary data collection easy.
  • The next webinar with Elain and Lean & Green will take place 8 June 2023, 14:00 - 15:00 CET.  

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About Lean & Green International

Founded in 2008, Lean & Green is the leading carbon reduction program in Europe. The 550+ participating companies receive recognition for achieving there verified reduction goals. Annual measurement of carbon emissions in logistics and an action plan for reduction are at the core of the program. The program has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding our partners towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future.

Lean & Green

About Elain

Through data driven insights we facilitate the shift to greener transport for our customers.

Elain has a unique approach, utilizing data directly from the source to analyse and report the emissions and energy usage from transport. The primary data ensures that the results are accurate and verifiable.

Elain’s platform facilitates easy tracking of sustainability performance and emission statistics, which can be seamlessly integrated with TMS or preferred visualisation tools. This empowers companies to make informed decisions towards reducing their emissions and showcase their progress to stakeholders.