Leon Simons Star on Socks February 2023

Each month in 2023, Lean & Green the Netherlands spotlights a person or organization making a sustainable contribution to logistics. The best tips or cases for becoming more sustainable are also shared. The ‘Star on Socks’ of the month of February was awarded to Leon Simons (Top Sector Logistics). Dirk van der Lee (program manager Lean & Green) surprised Leon via Microsoft Teams during the annual meeting of the Steering Group of Lean & Green International in Delft. 


‘I don’t know what to say,’ said Leon. ‘My first experience with Lean & Green was in 2010, when I submitted the ‘action plan‘ for Moonen Packaging. It is extraordinary to see where that has led. I am enormously grateful and did not expect this nomination for Star on Socks’.


In 2010, Leon started as a participant in the Lean & Green program. Within eight years, Moonen Packaging achieved its third Star. All this lead to Leon starting to work for Lean & Green in 2016, on a self-employed basis. For example, he helped with the further development of the Stars within the Lean & Green program and the CO2 calculation tool BigMile. Leon also worked with other Lean & Green countries on the regulations for Lean & Green International. In addition, Leon has been program manager of Lean & Green International. Dirk van der Lee (Lean & Green program manager) says: ‘His long history with the Lean & Green program shows Leon’s commitment very clearly. You also notice this in the cooperation with him and it is contagious. He is still committed to the issue of sustainability in logistics and its measurability and verifiability. He has also been closely involved in the further development of carbon footprinting in logistics. And always with an eye for practical applicability.’ 


We spoke to Leon’s former colleague about the title and nomination. ‘Leon is able to translate a difficult task into understandable language for participating parties,’ says Harsha Dijk (former Lean & Green program manager and now Area Director at Stedin). ‘He speaks the language, loves transparency, knows how to enthuse and asks the right questions. He taught me that theory is one thing, but practice is much more difficult.’ Colleague Machteld Leijnse (Program Manager Logistics, Connekt) said, ‘Leon’s enthusiasm is contagious; he knows how to make reduction potentials practical and achievable.’ 


‘Leon speaks the language, loves transparency, knows how to enthuse and ask the right questions.’


Leon Simons’ sustainability tips: 

We have selected several sustainability tips and cases from Simons that you can start using today. Take advantage of them! 

  • To reduce your footprint, you need to know it first; 
  • Reducing CO2 and costs without investment is something almost anyone can do; 
  • Want to get started with carbon footprinting? Then check out this website; 
  • Want to get free training and guidance? You can do so through this link; 
  • Start with sustainability. Don’t wait until your customer starts asking for it or until the upcoming legislation; 
  • Every ton of CO2 you don’t emit gives you a direct competitive advantage. Now and in the future! 


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