GREENABL to launch sustainable logistics program ‘Lean & Green’ for USA

US-based sustainability association, Greenabl and the Europe-based Lean & Green program have partnered up to launch the program for companies in the United States. Greenabl has joined as a national partner of Lean & Green USA.  With the arrival into the USA, the Lean & Green program is now available in 16 countries in Europe and North America.

Sustainability is on the forefront of company boardrooms, shareholders, and customers discussions examining ways to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. Besides production, logistics is often one of the largest components in total emissions. Greenabl offers companies the opportunity to measure logistical emissions and the option to offset the emissions and/or get recognition for reducing their emissions with the Lean & Green program. By partnering with Lean & Green, Greenabl will use its expertise and experience to help companies achieve their sustainability goals.


About Greenabl

Greenabl Shippers Association is the logistics industry’s first and only cooperative procurement group committed to achieving global supply chain decarbonization. Greenabl enables shippers to advance their supply chain decarbonization goals by taking immediate steps to measure, mitigate, and offset their direct and indirect GHG emissions.


About Lean & Green International

Lean & Green International is the leading carbon reduction program for logistics. Through a carbon reduction action plan and annual monitoring of carbon emissions participants get a better understanding how to further reduce carbon emissions. The 5-Star framework provides companies with verified recognition for achieving their logistical carbon reduction targets. The community of Lean & Green participants is open to sharing experiences and best practices in sustainable logistics.


About Lean & Green USA

One of Greenabl’s strengths is its use of technology and data analytics to advance sustainability. The company develops innovative software platforms and tools that enable companies to measure their footprint. With this technological expertise, Greenabl will make a valuable contribution to Lean & Green USA’s efforts to promote sustainability in the logistics industry. Together, they will work to reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable innovations and create a sustainable logistics sector in the United States.



Questions? Contact Greenabl or Lean & Green International.

| “Rich Moore and John Westwood of Bluspark, Greenabl’s parent company, at Lean & Green International office with Jenny Schlatter and Dirk van der Lee from Lean & Green.”


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