EasyView: Video Telematics for Damage Prevention and CO2 Reduction

Imagine if video telematics became the standard in the transport and logistics industry. Drivers would have better visibility around their vehicles while also receiving valuable feedback on their driving behavior to improve their habits. The result? A significant decrease in damages and CO2 emissions.


Reduced Fuel Consumption 

Video telematics optimizes fuel consumption by reducing unnecessary idling, hard braking, and abrupt acceleration. This does not only save companies money but also has a positive impact on the environment. Less CO2 emissions mean less air pollution and a cleaner atmosphere for all of us.


Optimized Routes

Additionally, video telematics helps optimize routes and planning. By avoiding inefficient routes and planning more accurately, companies can reduce unnecessary mileage. This results in lower fuel consumption and therefore fewer CO2 emissions during transport operations.


Promoting Damage-Free Driving

Let’s not forget that video telematics also promotes damage-free driving. The longer drivers go without causing damage, the fewer repairs are needed for vehicles. This means less material and energy consumption, leading also to lower CO2 emissions.


Lower Costs, Smaller Environmental Footprint

With video telematics on vehicles, you can save costs while reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation where companies benefit from more efficient driving behavior, and the environment benefits from reduced CO2 emissions. By using EasyView’s video telematics solution, you can work towards building a sustainable image.


Want to learn more?

If you want more information about EasyView’s video telematics solution, Dietger Engel will be discussing its possibilities in detail at the Lean & Green International Summit 2023 and presenting practical examples.

SUMMIT – NOV 29, 2023

See you in Amsterdam or join ONLINE!

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