Debunking Electric Freight Myths

Are you intrigued by the promise of electric freight but overwhelmed by claims of complexity, limited range, and prolonged charging times? These myths often obscure the full picture. In this article, Einride, the world’s leading provider of digital, electric and autonomous shipping technology will dive into the reality of intelligent freight operations, debunking six prevalent myths that may be holding you back from embracing sustainable, electric-based freight.


1. Myth: Battery electric trucks are a thing of the future

Reality: Electric trucks are actively contributing to global freight today, navigating a variety of use cases from first-mile transportation to last-mile delivery. The growing demand for zero-emission freight and regulatory incentives has led to an expanded selection of battery electric models. Notably, companies like Einride have been at the forefront, operating large fleets of electric trucks for major shippers globally. Consider high-density transport hubs, like major ports, for electrification to benefit from economies of scale.


2. Myth: Electric freight is too complex

Reality: The complexity of electric freight becomes effortless when you have a transformation partner guiding you. Einride simplifies the transition with a comprehensive turnkey service, successfully navigating the challenges involves not only adopting electric vehicles but also rearchitecting both physical and digital infrastructure to optimize efficiency. For practicality, focusing on high-frequency Full Truck Load (FTL) lanes can be beneficial. Consistent, predictable transport demand in these lanes allows for efficient route planning and charging schedules, reducing operating costs.


3. Myth: Electric freight operations are too expensive

Reality: Electric operations, when intelligently deployed, can be highly cost-effective. Beyond emissions-savings, reports from the Department of Energy and the European Federation for Transport and Environment predict that, over time, electric trucks can offer competitive total cost of ownership compared to diesel counterparts. Identifying optimal routes and leveraging digital intelligence are crucial for achieving cost-competitiveness, so Einride is collaboratively working with shippers to identify sweet spots in their network.


4. Myth: Charging is too much hassle

Reality: Charging operations demand adjustments, but remarkable efficiency can be unlocked with the right data and algorithms. High utilization of charging infrastructure is essential for cost-effectiveness. Focus on predictable volumes and backflow utilization for efficient route planning and charging management. Intelligent freight operating systems, like Einride Saga, minimize disruptions and automate charging schedules.


5. Myth: Battery electric trucks don’t have enough range for most operations

Reality: While concerns exist about long-haul journeys, battery electric trucks already cover the majority of freight applications. Electrification grids, focusing on short and mid-haul distances, reduce operational downtime and contribute to lower overall costs. Ongoing developments in electric vehicle technology are continually extending ranges, mitigating the need for en-route charging. Einride’s freight mobility grids, for example, address long-haul challenges by breaking up the journey into shorter components, enabling a network of green corridors that keep goods moving even if the vehicles pause to charge.


6. Myth: There’s no way to report emission savings from electric freight

Reality: Accurate reporting of emission savings from electric freight is achievable with the right digital tools. Transportation represents a significant portion of overall emissions for many companies. Digital tools, aligned with reporting frameworks like GLEC, GHGP, and ISO, provide primary transportation data. Einride’s digital tools, like Einride Saga, enable easy reporting and actionable sustainability insights.


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