29 Nov 2023

Coop Switzerland – Hydrogen Truck initiative

This break-out session takes place between 11:30 and 12:15 CET.

Coop is one of the founding members of the hydrogen truck initiative in Switzerland. The initiative created an ecosystem that enabled the successful introduction of hydrogen trucks in Switzerland. It is noteworthy that all required investments were born by the companies themselves and that no direct government funding or other public money was used to enable this project. It serves as a prime example of what can achieved when different market players and competitors work together towards a common goal and create synergies.

Coop is one of the biggest retailers in Switzerland. Not only are they operating more than 1000 points of sales but also their own truck fleet and railway for transportation of goods. Furthermore, Coop is also operating several production facilities and is active in the wholesale market within 7 different countries.



  • Stefan Frehner (Responsible Renewable Energies/CO2, Coop).

Background information: My name is Stefan Frehner, 33 years old and born in Switzerland. My background is mechanical engineering and I have spent 3 years working in Sydney Australia as a Photovoltaics Engineer. I have been responsible at Coop for its Climate Strategy and renewables energies for 3 years now.

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Break-out Session Round 1A - Session by Coop

Break-out Session Round 1A 11:30 - 12:15 CET