21 Sep 2023

CSRD Webinar

Are you prepared for future policy?

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). A new directive from the European Union. We wrote about it earlier on our website. What exactly is this new directive? To answer these questions, we organize, together with Factor Delta, the online CSRD event on September 21. Start reporting and anticipate your future. Will you join us (online) on September 21? You can register at the bottom of this page.

The conclusion of the article was that (almost) every company will have to deal with CSRD. If not in 2025, it will be at a later date. And if not as company, also suppliers and service providers will notice the demand in carbon footprinting data. A challenge that not every company is aware of. Properly measuring and reporting your data is not yet integrated into the daily operations of many companies. But also not all details are yet finalized by the European Commission. This creates a ‘gap’ of trust: and trust is important. All the more reason to start preparing your business and partners and learn what steps your company can take to get ready. Nonetheless, it’s time to act, to start measuring and reporting. We simply have an urgent climate problem and time plays an incredibly important role. Every year we wait, means a year with more emissions, more impact and more irreversible consequences for people and the environment. CSRD: a gamechanger for sustainability. And every company needs to start now.


Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. We have to do it together. Cooperation in the chain is something that we at Lean & Green and Factor Delta often dwell on. And that is why we like to help you with this topic.


How do you get started? How can you get your CSRD reporting in order? During the CSRD event on September 21 we will explain what CSRD is all about and how you can get started. You can register via the registration form at the bottom of this website.


Start reporting and anticipate your future. We hope to provide you with all the answers on September 21!

Speakers during the event:

  • Hans Keetman (Program Manager Modal Shift, Connekt)
  • Emma Kallen (sustainability consultant and founder, Factor Delta)
  • Jin van den Born (business consultant, ORGX)

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Practical information

  • Location: online
  • Date: September 21 2023;
  • Time: 13:30 – 15:20;
  • Plenty of time to ask questions.

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  • You will get a link for the online event;
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CSRD Webinar 21 September

Online webinar about the CSRD

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