29 Nov 2023

Lean & Green International Summit 2023

Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in the logistics sector. Developed by and for companies within the logistics industry involved in shipping or transportation, the program aims to systematically reduce CO2 emissions in logistics. How do we approach this? By fostering collaborations, sharing knowledge, and implementing smart and effective measures. How do we achieve this? The simple answer: by organizing the Lean & Green Summit every year.

In 2023, we are organizing two editions of the Lean & Green Summit: in addition to a Dutch edition, there will also be an international edition. On November 22, 2023, the Dutch edition will take place at the Schiecentrale in Rotterdam. On November 29, 2023, the international edition will take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

The Lean & Green SUMMIT(s) promises two days full of inspiration and practical tools to help you prepare for the future. Because what lies ahead for all of us? Not only in terms of laws and regulations but also regarding climate goals, collaborations, new and current innovations. What does this mean for logistics? And for you?

Come to the Lean & Green Summit(s) and get informed and inspired. Meet others from your sector. Discover what the logistics sector has to offer. Understand what your future will look like. See what’s possible. Expand your network. After all, together you can achieve more than alone.

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*Lean & Green is a non-profit organization. An event like the Summit can only be organized in collaboration with our partners. Thanks to our partners, we have always been able to offer free access to the Summit. This way, we make knowledge sharing and networking accessible to everyone. The Lean & Green Summit(s) of 2023 are powered by the Topsector Logistics and Renault Trucks. And is in collaboration with BigMile, IPP Pooling, Buck Consultants International, Rietveld, and Varo Energy.




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SUMMIT - NOV 29, 2023

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