29 Nov 2023

GS1: A Cooperative Solution for a Lean Supply Chain

This break-out session takes place between 13:00 and 13:45 CET.

Even in a progressively digitized world, delivery note processes are still characterized by manual and paper-based procedures. Cloud4Log shows how things can be different. A community solution of GS1 Germany and Bundesvereinigung Logistik for the digital delivery note. During the presentation, you will experience the functionalities of the service live using a demo, gain insight into the practical implementation and learn how cooperation approaches can generate benefits for users.



  • Michael Moise; Teamlead ECR/EDI Management; Nestlé Deutschland AG
  • Oliver Püthe; Lead Industry Engagement; GS1 Germany GmbH
  • Stefanie Müller; Managerin Cloud4Log; GS1 Germany GmbH
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About GS1

Circularity, flexible supply chains and food and patient safety. Societal themes we are facing more than ever. This is accompanied by a huge data explosion. In channeling all that data, GS1 has an important role to play. With unique GS1 identification codes, including the barcode, and the sharing of clear and unambiguous data, they show the journey of the product. From raw material to end user. GS1 is an international not-for-profit partner for retailers, healthcare institutions and suppliers.


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Break-out Session Round 2A - Session by GS1 / Cloud4Log

Break-out Session Round 2A 13:00 - 13:45 CET