29 Nov 2023

IPP Pooling: Integration of Lean & Green

This break-out session takes place between 14:15 and 15:00 CET.

In this session, IPP Pooling will take you through their sustainable story. IPP is a vital part of the demanding and fast-moving supply chain. After the break-outs session you will know everything about the integration from IPP Pooling of Lean & Green into Sales and Operational planning process leading to optimized forecast & planning to reduce their footprint.

By following the Lean & Green standard in their Sales & Operations process IPP Pooling is able to collaborate and share knowledge and achieve a total reduction as supply chain, rather than local reduction initiatives.



  • Mark Hulland (European Pooling Director, IPP Pooling)
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About IPP Pooling

IPP Pooling is member of Faber Group, a family-owned business with a heritage of over 130 years of experience in load carrier services. IPP Pooling has history of focusing on a sustainable future and haves a responsibility towards our customers and future generations to provide high quality reusable and sustainable products and services.

It the ambition from IPP Pooling to have a positive impact with logistics solutions for supply chains. IPP Pooling brings circularity into logistics, as a service within the shared economy, and this way IPP Pooling is providing the most impact.


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Break-out Session Round 3A - Session by IPP Pooling

14:15 - 15:00 CET Studio