29 Nov 2023

Topsector Logistics: CO2 insightful, and now improve!

This break-out session takes place between 11:45 and 12:30 CET.

Understanding CO2 per shipment through carbon footprinting is becoming more common in the sector. The Top Sector Logistics helps the sector to reduce emissions and increase logistics efficiency. A demo of the following topics is given based on practical cases:

  1. Are my emissions per shipment good compared to similar fellow companies? Check it with the Transport Performance Database.
  2. What causes high CO2 per shipment? Detailed insight into utilization of scarce time and capacity makes the causes clear.


  • Guido de Wit (Program Manager, Topsector Logistics)
  • Niels Veenman (Project Manager Transport Performance Database)
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About Top Sector Logistics

The Netherlands does good business internationally with trade and industry. To maintain this top position, the Netherlands must remain competitive. We do this, among other things, by investing in the 10 top sectors, missions for the future and key technologies. Top Sector Logistics is one of those 10 top sectors. Since 2011, large and small entrepreneurs within top sectors have been working closely with scientists and the government. The Netherlands is a leader in logistics. This makes our country an attractive business location. Logistics is also indispensable for other sectors, such as healthcare, food and manufacturing. This makes logistics an important economic sector. To stay ahead internationally, innovation remains necessary. In addition, logistics has a major task to reduce CO2 and other emissions. In the Logistics Top Sector program, companies, knowledge institutions and governments are working together on innovations for competitive and emission-free logistics. This is done through research, knowledge and tool development and scaling up.


What does Top Sector Logistics do?

Together with entrepreneurs, governments and research institutes, Top Sector Logistics is working on the ambition for 2050: a competitive and emission-free logistics in the Netherlands. To achieve this ambition, Top Sector Logistics has drawn up the implementation program. The implementation program of the Logistics Top Sector is working on 7 different themes within 4 application areas. These four application areas are: cities, multimodal transport corridors and hubs, supply chains and logistics chains, and construction and mobile tools. The themes are: Sustainability, Data-driven, Chain direction, Human capital, Internationalization, Legislation and regulation, Innovation monitoring


Top Sector Logistics and Lean & Green

Top Sector Logistics and Lean & Green have been working closely together from the beginning. The Top Sector Logistics uses Lean & Green as a vehicle for companies to actively start measuring and reducing CO2. And the Top Sector has worked to develop the Lean&Green program and expand the number of participants, with the one goal: CO2 reduction.


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Break-out Session Round 1B - Session by Topsector Logistics

Break-out Session Round 1B 11:45 - 12:30 CET