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Lean & Green International SUMMIT 2023


The Network & Innovation Zone

We can only organize an event like the Summit in collaboration with our partners. This year, we want to organize a Summit full of inspiring stories, a view of the future and a large, interactive innovation square. The main focus is of course the transfer of knowledge, thoughts and networking. Curious about all the organizations you can find on the innovation square? You can find it on this page.



At Inholland University of Applied Sciences, they train independent-thinking professionals and develop practice-based knowledge. This is how Inholland makes a meaningful contribution to the inclusive world of tomorrow, to a sustainable living environment and a resilient society. Inholland does this at various locations throughout the Randstad and in various fields: from health to economics and from technology to education. Diversity is a strength and sustainability a must.

At the Lean & Green Summit, Inholland University of Applied Sciences will present the renewed Aircargogame@airports. In this game, Lean & Green stars can now also be earned provided that the operation is sustainable.

The Aircargogame@airports is an innovative virtual simulation in which players experience the entire logistics chain of air cargo shipment. The game offers a valuable opportunity to test logistics skills, improve and understand, make sustainable and optimize complex air cargo logistics.


IM Efficiency

IM Efficiency is a technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the transportation industry through the introduction of disruptive and sustainable onboard solar technologies.

Summit attendees can expect to see a demonstration of the SolarOnTop technology and learn about its potential to make fleets more sustainable by reducing CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption while also providing financial benefits.

IM Efficiency is participating in the Lean & Green Summit to showcase the innovative solution: SolarOnTop to the transportation industry, with the aim of achieving our shared vision of zero CO2 emissions. This summit provides a platform for IM Efficiency to collaborate with logistic companies, exchange ideas, and contribute to the collective effort of reducing the environmental impact of transportation.


Factor Delta & ORGX

Factor Delta and ORGX help organizations deploy CSRD for sustainable transformation. Factor Delta helps companies with sustainability and corporate social responsibility, ORGX with strategy and innovation. In the field of CSRD, Factor Delta possesses the necessary substantive knowledge on sustainability, ORGX focuses on the process and facilitates complex decision-making.

Anyone with questions about CSRD, sustainability and corporate social responsibility is welcome for a conversation. Factor Delta and ORGX together with Lean & Green have provided knowledge sessions on CSRD several times with great pleasure and success.


Green Caravan

Green Caravan is the fossil-free charging company. Our mission is to make every electric vehicle fossil-free. Green Caravan develops charging stations that provide 100% fossil-free power. And because they generate this power themselves on site at the charging station, the charging stations can also operate independently of the congested grid. Green Caravan thus not only offers a solution for charging in areas with grid congestion, but also greatly reduce the CO2 emissions of the charged electricity. On average, this is 5x lower than conventional charging from the grid.In addition, Green Caravan offers an app and charging pass that predicts and provides insight into the CO2 emissions from each charging session.

Stop by and learn more about the benefits of fossil-free and grid-independent charging stations for vans and trucks.



Mobilyze is an energy partner for logistics service providers. The organization has several business activities: for example, they provide advice from grid connection to plug in at their own location, extraction of Renewable Fuel Units and data analysis development charging infrastructure. At the innovation plaza, Mobilyze will show a dashboard environment in which logistics can make comprehensive analyses about its charging plazas.
Stop by and learn more about the benefits of fossil-free and grid-independent charging stations for vans and trucks.



Elain is a project in Scania’s Venture portfolio. It’s an Intrapreneur initiative where teams with innovative business models are financed through a VC (venture capital) like investment process. Elain is for carriers, freight forwarders and transport buyers who wish to take an active role in the sustainability transition, or market actors who just do not want to waste valuable time collecting and reporting fuel and emission data. ​ Their product is a new digital service that delivers a visualization of fuels and emissions.​ Unlike current market alternatives, Elain provides these insights according to standard and based on automatic and brand-independent data from vehicles and fuels.


VARO Energy

VARO was created in 2012 and is a leading European energy company that manufactures, stores and distributes conventional fuels and sustainable energies and services.



Rietveld helps companies and organizations work more efficiently and safely with their vehicles, machines and objects while reducing costs. Rietveld does this by providing sustainable products and services of the highest quality.

Rietveld helps companies and organizations work more efficiently and safely with their vehicles, machines and objects, thereby reducing costs. Rietveld does this by providing sustainable products and services of the highest quality.

When you visit the Rietveld stand on the Innovation Square, they will tell you all about the solutions that lead to CO2 reduction.


IPP Pooling

IPP Pooling is member of Faber Group, a family-owned business with a heritage of over 130 years of experience in load carrier services. IPP Pooling has history of focusing on a sustainable future and haves a responsibility towards our customers and future generations to provide high quality reusable and sustainable products and services.

It the ambition from IPP Pooling to have a positive impact with logistics solutions for supply chains. IPP Pooling brings circularity into logistics, as a service within the shared economy, and this way IPP Pooling is providing the most impact.


Hedgehog Applications / Maxem

Maxem combines the management of charge points, solar, stationary battery systems and grid connection in one online environment. Hedgehog Applications builds stationary battery systems that store solar energy and enable (fast) charging infrastructure to be installed on a limited grid connection. Together they optimize e-truck and asset charging with the deployment of smart energy management, solar charging and (renewable) energy storage).

When visiting the booth, you can expect a dose of experience in energy management and battery systems. Hedgehog Applications and Maxem will show you what is already possible in the field of smart energy management for their customers. Wondering how they can lower the €/km and ensure a scale-up of your electric charging infrastructure on a limited grid connection? Be sure to visit the stand!

Last year

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Check out the Dutch Lean & Green Summit of last year as a teaser for what may await you during this years first International Edition.

The Lean & Green International Summit 2023

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