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Summer Start 2023

Start your Lean & Green journey this summer and get a Star before the end of the year!*

Collaborative approach

Tackling pollution caused by logistical activities can be complex to do alone. Start your Lean & Green journey this summer in collaboration with a group of likeminded people, motivated to measure and reduce their companies carbon emissions in logistics.


New directives such as the CSRD mean that the demand for detailed reporting increases enormously. It is essential that companies commence the process of measuring, reporting and reducing. Lean & Green’s Summer Start ensures that companies that have not yet started, are prepared for the future.

Now open for registration

Available to all shipper, retailers, transport buyers or Logistics Service Providers looking to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.


CO2 per transported unit

CO2 Action Plan and annual monitoring.


Projects and measures

Decarbonize, optimize and collaborate.


Audit on result

Achieved reduction targets are verified.

What can you expect?

  • Lean & Green International will guide you through measuring your carbon footprint, giving recognition for your past achievements in carbon reductions.
  • You will attend four group sessions. Knowledge and experiences can be shared with the other participants. You can make use of the walk-in hours to get tailored advice and guidance.
  • The participation fee for the Lean & Green Summer Start is €3.000,-. Click on "Participation Fee" in the footer for more information.

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About Lean & Green International

Founded in 2008, Lean & Green is the leading carbon reduction program in Europe. The 550+ participating companies receive recognition for achieving there verified reduction goals. Annual measurement of carbon emissions in logistics and an action plan for reduction are at the core of the program. The program has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding our partners towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future.

Lean & Green

*N.B. It is not a guarantee to achieve a Star. It can only be achieved if the participant successfully completes all the steps. Lean & Green will fully guide the participant, but the participant will also have to work on his/her own.